Are you sick of hearing, “I want, I want?” Do your kids confuse what they “want” with what they “need?”  Here are some tips and tools for you to help raise financially responsible children.  Have fun with your children, no matter what age they are.  Remember, make your world your classroom and you may find that you are learning along with your kids.

It’s never too early (or too late) to teach kids money smarts. Your young children will start to learn the basics of Earning, Saving, Spending and Sharing. You will “incubate” them at home, teaching your values around money issues. You'll empower them to earn real money and learn the consequences of real choices.

Teens are about to enter the real world and you as parents want them to have a healthy attitude toward money and understand the concept of “self-reliance” when they leave the nest.  These money lessons will help your teens to budget and understand that they need to earn their money before they spend it.  They will also, hopefully learn never to confuse “Net Worth” with “Self Worth”.

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